Acute Care

Febrile Illness

Sickness can strike unexpectedly and often presents as a new onset of fever. We allow room in our daily schedules for Same Day Appointments to allow quick access to care so that the correct diagnosis and treatment can be started as soon as possible.

Acute Injuries

We do have the ability to evaluate and treat acute injuries and lacerations. You should call first so your injury can be properly triaged and your care expedited. We often need to know your tetanus history and will give a booster vaccine if needed.

Acute Medical Problems

We have the capacity to see patients for acute changes in their medical condition. We try to make Acute appointments with the provider that you normally see. If that is not possible, then an appointment with another provider within our practice will be offered. Our phone staff is trained to triage patients based on the presenting complaint, and under physician direction may recommend more urgent evaluation through the ER, should your
condition require.