Minor Surgery

Ingrown Toenails

We are able to remove that part of the toenail that is ingrown while preserving to rest of the nail.  This allows for a quicker recovery.  We make every effort to do it in such a way as to limit the chance of it coming back.

Skin Biopsies

We have a variety of techniques to use when doing skin biopsies, depending on the site and size of the lesion.  We send the samples for analysis to a local pathology lab for special staining and histologic analysis to make the correct diagnosis.  If skin cancer is found, then it is critical that there are adequate margins to ensure complete removal.  In some cases there may be some skin cancer remaining at the margin of the biopsy which will require a second more extensive excision.

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags can be a nuisance, often occurring in the groin, underarm, or around the neck.  Clothing and jewelry can snag on them leading to pain.  We can remove them quickly, and with minimal discomfort.

Laceration Repair

We are skilled at laceration repair.  We carefully inspect the wound for evidence of ligament injury or contamination.  We then use various suture techniques to close the wound to achieve good cosmetic and functional results.  We will give a tetanus booster if needed.


Used for treatment of certain skin lesions such as wart destruction and actinec keratosis.